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In the distant past, villages were once being destroyed by a race of monsters from the sea with unknown aims. Warriors and Refugees take to their boats in search of lands that are safe, where they can recoup and regather.

This is one of those safe harbours. As you accept a risky group of refugees into your midst, can you find a way to trust them and to prepare for the fish men by building defenses?


- Basic game flow is: with each villager, build something and assign them to hammer it. When they all have jobs, end the day at the top right and watch as they are completed by the next day.

- There is no conclusion, just building a few things day by day until you are happy with how the village looks.

- Press ESCAPE for a quick summary of controls

known issues:
- You can place buildings in places where the characters cant get to the build spot. If a character gets stuck trying to build, the building will usually still build.

- the buildings when being placed will fly at you sometimes. This has already been fixed, but is not uploaded to itch.io since updating the build is locked during voting!

- you can place buildings in trees. Feature, or bug?


- This was made for a gamejam over approx 10 days - there are bugs!

- Check out the other submissions for the jam while you are at it!

Press ESCAPE for a quick summary of controls

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